1st BDcraft contest: Let artists be

In partnership with LEGO®, Yogscast and CreeperHost, the BDcraft team is quite happy to announce you the first contest on BDcraft.net: "Let artists be"

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To mark the event and to thank you, BDcraft users, you’ll have a chance to win awesome prizes: CreeperHost hosting plan, LEGO Minecraft, BDcraft Tshirts, Minecraft gift codes, Minecon ticket and more! To do so: create a fan-art or a wallpaper with BDcraft theme (more details below).


Time remaining



  • 1. Create fan-art or wallpaper related to BDcraft or PureBDcraft, let it feel its universe and style

  • 2. Create an account on http://bdcraft.net (if you don’t already have one)

  • 3. Login to your BDcraft account

  • 4. Create a topic on the dedicated forum titled as following:
    1st BDcraft contest: your_submission_name
    For the content be sure to build it like the following example:
    Picture preview (500px wide maximum) Download link to the HD version (required) Link to your Facebook page (optionnal) Your Twitter nickname (optionnal) Indication if you use your BDcraft Emeralds for this submission

Note: Your personal information will only be used for this contest and will never be communicated to any third parties.


  • 1. Participate multiple times with the same account and different fan-art or wallpaper by repeating step4

  • 2. Like BDcraft to get one more chance to win: BDcraft on Facebook

  • 3. Like CreeperHost to get one more chance to win: CreeperHost on Facebook

  • 4. Follow @Sphax84 and Tweet the following to get one more chance to win (BDcraft on Twitter):
    WIN #Minecon ticket, #Minecraft, #LEGO Minecraft, Creeperhost server and Tshirts with BDcraft #contest: http://bdcraft.net/1st-bdcraft-contest cc @Sphax84

  • 5. Use 20 BDcraft Emeralds to get one more chance to win. If you are an active BDcraft member, you probably have some BDcraft Emeralds. To use them, add the following to the content of your submission:
    I use 20 of my BDcraft Emeralds for this submission!

How to win

Spoiler: Highlight to view


This contest is open to the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States.

By participating to this contest you agree with the following rules:

  • You have read and agree with the BDcraft license
  • You must be respectful and polite
  • You must not post SPAM or SCAM
  • You must follow the steps of the rules to participate
  • You must not use commercial or advertised links for your submission(s)
  • You agree that all the fan-art(s) and/or wallpaper(s) you submit for this contest were created by yourself and that BDcraft can freely use them on BDcraft.net for any purpose (credits will be given)
  • You can use the following Creative Commons License for your submitted creations (CC BY - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)
  • You certify that all fan-arts and wallpapers used to be part of this contest in your submissions are unique (never submitted elsewhere before the contest)
  • You can freely use one or more BDcraft textures for this contest

Any prize won by a minor will be attributed to his parents or legal guardians in his name. We are not responsible for entries lost, late, incomplete, invalid, illegible or misdirected.
By participating, all entrants agree to comply with the Official Contest Rules.
Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of prizes.

Potential actions in case of invalid submissions

  • Cancellation of your submission(s)
  • Cancellation of your participation to the contest
  • Deletion of all your submissions to the contest
  • Ban of your user account on BDcraft.net
  • Ban of the IP address used for your authentification on BDcraft.net

Winners selection

Spoiler: Highlight to view


A Jury will attribute a score for each submission.
This Jury is composed by:

  • BDcraft users (registered users can give 1 diamond for each submission they like)
  • One neutral person toward Minecraft who will give a score for each submission
  • One artist who will give a score for each submission
  • Sphax who will give a score for each submission

The scores of each judge will be reduced between 0 and 100 and then summed (which will give a score between 0 and 400).


The 3 participants with the highest score will participate in the final toss for the podium.
A 4th participant will be selected at random for the 4th position.

If you used Twitter and/or Facebook you’ll get one more chance to win (thanks to that, you’ll be able to get between 1 and 3 more chances to win).
If you indicated that you want to use Emeralds for this contest on your selected submission, 20 Emeralds (if you have them) will be removed from your account for the final toss and be converted as one more chance to win.

Note: The selected winners will be contacted by email to receive their prizes.


1st (Podium)

Details: 1 year of CreeperHost Slime Server (~134€), 1 Minecon ticket (=99€), 1 LEGO Minecraft box (~35€), 1 Minecraft Gift code (~20€), 1 BDcraft Tshirt (~20€), 1 unique BDcraft badge on bdcraft.net (Achievement), 3 gold ingots on BDcraft server, 60 BDcraft Emeralds

2nd (Podium)

Details: 1 LEGO Minecraft box (~35€), 2 months of CreeperHost Slime Server (~22€), 1 Minecraft Gift code (~20€), 1 BDcraft Tshirt (~20€), 1 unique BDcraft badge on bdcraft.net (Achievement), 2 gold ingots on BDcraft server, 30 BDcraft Emeralds

3rd (Podium)

Details: 1 BDcraft Tshirt (~20€), 1 Minecraft Gift code (~20€), 1 month of CreeperHost Slime Server (~11€), 1 unique BDcraft badge on bdcraft.net (Achievement), 1 gold ingot on BDcraft server, 20 BDcraft Emeralds

4th (Lucky)

Details: 1 month of CreeperHost MiniSlime Server (~4€), 1 unique BDcraft badge on bdcraft.net (Achievement), 1 gold ingot on BDcraft server, 15 BDcraft Emeralds


Details: 1 exclusive BDcraft badge on bdcraft.net (Achievement), 5 gold nuggets on BDcraft server (on demand), 10 BDcraft Emeralds


The contest is running from now till the end of next month (October 31, 2012 23:59:59).
Look at the countdown on top of this page to see the time remaining before the close of entries.