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Forever Stranded

You have managed to crash on a planet. There is little around but sand. You will need to follow the quests lines as well as staying cool in this harsh environment. Beware of the night terrible things may happen

The first challenge you will have to face is getting water to cope with the heat.


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This is a WIP a lot of textures are missing or haven't been created yet. The 64x is the most complete version because that's the one I use. Some of the textures in the 128x version are 64x because a higher resolution wasn't avaialable.

In the process of making this pack I converted a couple of patches from MC 1.7 and created a couple on my own. They will be added as separate patch releases too.

Better with Mods - 128x, 64x. Converted from Better with Wolves patch, a lot of missing textures
Better Questing - 64x & 32x
Open Gliders - 512x, 128x, 64x, & 32x
Simply Jetpacks 2 - 64x & 32x
Torchmaster - 128x, 64x, & 32x

These took me a lot more time then I expected so moving forward anyone else is welcome to continue these patches or the entire pack as I will most likely not have enough time.



v1.9.3 for MC1.10


2017-9-27: Initial release for Forever Stranded v1.9.3
2017-10-2: Added links to all the textures and mods in this pack


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In the Credits section you need to supply links to all the patch threads where possible.

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Added all the links to the texture packs and mods that are in the pack. Thanks again.


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I can't get this pack to work properly. I had gotten the 64x version to work once, but when I restarted minecraft it crashed saying the texture atlas was too large and to try a lower res pack. So I tried using the 32x version and it won't even load. I've never experienced this sort of issue before. I've always used sphax with modpack textures in the past. Any ideas?

EDIT: I managed to get this pack to load when I allocated 12gb of ram to minecraft. Apparently the 8gb I previous had allocated was no good. I had used the infinity evolved texture pack for 1.7.10 with 8gb, but either this pack has more textures or 1.10.2 is a horrible version of minecraft. Unless someone else has any ideas. I'm also using a Sapphire Radeon PULSE RX 550 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Card.

EDIT 2: I managed to get this pack loaded after disabling mipmaps. As a side bonus disabling them boosted my fps average from about 15 to 90 with minimal visual changes if any at all.


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I'm having some issues with some textures, but since I've had some issues previously I don't know if it is on my end or not. If someone out there can let me know that would be great.

Some of the Chisel textures don't seem to be loading. For example, the cobblestone variants are the default versions and not 128x.

Another texture issue is with the Extreme Reactor mod. Some of the items inventory icons have a black background to them and the glass and fuel rod textures are not transparent.

The last of the issues I've noticed so far is with the Ex Compressum mod. The glass on the Auto Hammer and Sieve is not transparent.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that these issues persist between using the 128x and 64x versions.


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So, I found the issue with the chisel textures. The download was using the texture pack for Chisel's old version and not for 1.10. I found an updated 512x download for the Chisel mod that katt had posted to the Chisel thread. I resized it down to 128x and have uploaded the entire texture pack for this modpack to ...

It is still missing textures, but at least more of the chisel textures work.


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Im having a problem playing with the new version of Forever Stranded. The version. Some how the textures for pam´s harvestcraft are not loading right. I tried a couple of different things but none worked.

My request is, if some one can update the pack for the newst version of FS? I dont know how to do it, and would like some one to point me in the right direction. Thank you.

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