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Hello to everyone.

I'll go straight to the problem that I have.

1) I make 512x512 .png format texture such as this one

2) I save it as "laser_all.png" and place it in "Animakers" lib folder

3) Open it in "Animaker", make it animate, by rendering 32 frames and save is as a spritesheet.

4) "Animaker" saves the spritesheet and names it "xxxx_32.png", this image I renamed to "saber_light.png".

5) Create "saber_light.png.mcmeta" file and write the "code" : (Code goes below)

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   animation {
      frames [

6) Save the "code" file.

So far everything seems to be great..

7) Now I open "BDCraft Cubic" model an object that should later be used in game as a weapon (sword)

8) Adding texture!

When I try to import the texture/s that I made with "Animaker" into "Cubic" they never load. (How I am importing textures : open "Tools" dropdown menu, in that menu select "Material Manager". When "Material Manager" opens I double-click "texture" file, then pick a texture that I made and want to use, but when I select the texture that I want and clicl "Open" button to sellect a texture the window in which I selected texture disapears as it should, but no texture appears in "Cubic Material Manager". I have tried placing textures in extracted resource pack folders, in "Animaker" "anim" folder, bunch of random folders it doesn't load no matter what. PLEASE HELP.

-- edit --

This is what I am talking about the issue in it's natural habitat :

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