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 Post subject: CoFHTweaks
PostPosted: 03 May 2015, 12:35 
Something to keep an eye on, especially for modpack users (although I suspect if/when it becomes stable modpacks will include it anyway), to eek out some better performance.

Obviously as it's alpha be careful with it and make backups!

Configuration options, defaults are least-disruptive to normal play:
  • Option to disable animated textures (higher fps)
  • Option to disable items attempting to stack (higher tps)
  • Option to disable some entity-pushing (higher tps/fps)
  • Option to defer client-side lighting updates when a block changes (higher fps)
  • Option to make fewer entities render when tightly packed (higher fps)
  • Option to reduce AI tick rate (higher average tps)

Non-configurable logic:
  • 1.8 style occlusion (higher fps)
  • Generally more efficient AI logic (higher tps)
  • Non-pushable entities do not attempt to be pushed (higher tps)
  • Faster chunk lookup (higher tps)

Note: This is currently incompatible with FastCraft. At some point or another they're doing something similar. CoFH have left it up to FastCraft to fix the issue. For now try CoFHTweaks over FastCraft/Optifine. If it's better much woo for you.

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