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Ah good sir - I want to talk to you!

I highly recommend you this mod: Camera Studio

It's a ton of fun and let's you record and show off your world - in all of Bdcraft's HD glory, of course!

This is what I made with it:

The only downside is that some settings require you to have a beefy colossus of computing power.

Well, give it a try, post your results 'n have a good day.

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You're video looked good. You planned the shot well and the music was a good choice.
I have used the Camera Studio mod before and it did a great job of shooting moving time-lapse shots like the one in your video. It has cool features to control the day/night cycle and other things.
I noticed that the camera has to be moving at all times, you can't pause while it's moving along it's path. You can't control the cameras velocity.
I have a decent computer but I did not have any luck shooting real time 3rd person shots. The video has too much lag to be acceptable. I really wish I was able to use that feature. It would be supremely helpful. I sometimes use the Control Pack mod. It has a function called Better 3rd Person View. It's helpful but it has limitations.

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