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I was messing around with some redstone and I noticed that levers on walls seem to have the wrong on/off positions.

In this image, the lever is "on" when the lever is pulled down, away from the top contacts. The light on the switch also turns on when the lever is down:

When the lever is off, it's up and connected to the contacts:

For reference, a lever style switch in real life, in this case it would be off, not passing current to the contacts:

I messed around and swapped the model file names, but that didn't fix the light, which I wasn't sure how to toggle in the code. I've never messed around with minecraft model files before.

Overall not a huge issue, this one just got me because I used to mess around with these switches and a box of electronic parts when I was a kid.

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PostPosted: 09 Oct 2017, 08:32 
It's not really a bug per se.

You can read why EskiMojo decided to do that here: pbdc-ideas-feedback/lever-model-fix-for-mc19-t5095.html

However, in the next release of the MC1.12 pack (r4 -- whenever that is, hopefully soon) this will be changed to how you're stating as it has confused a lot of people.

In the meantime you can use my customiser to "fix" it:

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