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Misc Peripherals

This adds a lot of modules and blocks for ComputerCraft so turtles can interact in certain ways with mods like IC2, BC, RC, EE3, TC3, Forestry and more.


v3.4b2 for MC1.6.x

v3.3d for MC1.5.x

v3.1b for MC1.4.7


The preview is missing some of the modules/blocks, but you get the general idea!


Lots of random bits and pieces pulled from other texture patches here so a general list of people who were likely involved:
Timmie, pcmaster160, SPARKST3R, CadenDonuts, francogp, BigDaveNz


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*Updated: Download links from SugarSync to Copy

Version: 3.4b2
*Updated: File structure to MC1.6
#Added: Data Cart, Redstone Box

Version: 3.3d
#Added: 512x and 256x, small net blocks and helmet

Version: 3.2
*Updated: File structure to MC1.5.1
#Added: MEBridges
*Tweaked: Chat/Speaker

Version: 3.1
#Added: Chat Box block

Version: 3.0
!Note: Not compatible with older versions of the mod
-Removed: tanks.png as it's no longer in use
#Added: tank sprites to sprites.png as they are now done with overlays
#Added: Advanced Turtle teleporter block, 3 tiers of Advanced Charging blocks
#Added: Firework Launcher block
#Added: Barrel Gauge Module

Version: 2.3
#Initial Release

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