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PostPosted: 11 Jul 2013, 01:26 


An extensive mod featuring innovative ways of electricity generation, advanced ore processing machinery, new sets and types of tools and armor, and much more.


for MC1.12 by hewittla

for MC1.10 by Novamanga

for MC1.7.10

v6 for MC1.6.4

for MC1.5

Preview (These are old, but still mostly representative. Might update them soon)

[+] Show Spoiler

Inert Blocks


Storage Blocks:

Plastic Blocks, Balloons and Glow Panels:



Energy Cubes:

Cardboard Box:


UniCables, MechaPipes, PressTubes, LogiTransporters of various kinds (New render coming in Mekanism 8.0)

Salination Plant:




Chemical Oxidiser and Infuser:

Misc. Machines:

Ore Processing




Plastic Precursors:

Assorted Ingots and Dusts:

Miscellaneous Items:


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  • v1: Initial release
  • v2: Replaced the x64 tool textures with 128x ones
  • v3: Made the Weather Orb and Enriched Alloy more polygonal and "Sphaxy"
  • v4: Added compressed carbon and added some shading to weather orb and enriched alloy
  • v5: Redone enrichment and purification chambers
  • v6: Textured the combiner
  • v7: Added some armours (thanks to NintendoFan37 for starting them off), energy cubes, electric bow (NintendoFan37 agin), solar panel, teleport-related items, and updated the old guis that had side-panel upgrade things added.
  • v8: First attempt at smelting factories
  • v9: Added clump textures
  • v10: Working fully in svg now. Many item textures improved, many machines improved. More resolutions added. Nearly finished.
  • v11: Updated to 6.0.0. Lots of new things so some textures not applicable any more. Dynamic Glass CTM!
  • v12: Lots of new metals, fixed Advanced Solar and added texturing for Basic Solar.


[+] Show Spoiler
  • Author of the earlier Mekanism textures - I have no idea who it was and I can't seem to find a name anywhere.
  • NintendoFan37 - Electric bow and Lapis armour inventory texture.
  • tama63 - Adding this to the Voltz pack motivated me to finally fix those GUIs :P
  • CadenDonuts - I've used parts of some of the UE textures, and some ICBM textures I think are yours as well
  • HanFox - I've used the pulverized textures from TE for clumps, and you've directly contributed some textures, thanks!
  • b0bst3r - Awesome gui work!
  • GrumpyPirate - Doing some incredible work with renders.

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PostPosted: 18 Aug 2013, 20:52 
Oooof, thank you. The patch for Voltz on the main page really should include this. It's still the MC1.4 version. :(


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PostPosted: 28 Sep 2013, 17:54 
pls update to mc1.6/Mekanism 5.5.7

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PostPosted: 28 Sep 2013, 18:22 
I'm a bit occupied updating Mekanism to MC1.6.4 right now but I do intend to update the patch when I'm done with the mod.

It might just work if you rename the mods folder in the zip to assets

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PostPosted: 09 Oct 2013, 05:46 
I compiled these files to work in 1.6.2 with Mekanism Please make more textures for this mod! I think you are a very good artist! ...

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PostPosted: 09 Oct 2013, 06:51 
First of all, I would like to thank you for all of your hard work. Because of you my factories look significantly smoother than they otherwise would have.

Do you have any plans to retexture the machines listed below?
  • Electrolytic Separator
  • Hydrogen Generator
  • Bio-Generator
  • Heat Generator

I wouldn't ask, but they don't seem to have been mentioned anywhere in this thread. 8D

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PostPosted: 01 Nov 2013, 11:39 
1.6 GUIs have changed a lot, currently working through them atm, will post a zip when complete.

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PostPosted: 01 Nov 2013, 19:03 
When do you think you'll be done with EVERYTHING. I almost have a complete Voltz texture pack! x_x

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PostPosted: 04 Nov 2013, 08:54 
I've had less time to work on this lately (I've just started a physics degree) but I do intend to update this some time soon.

A lot of things in Mekanism are changing from normal blocks to renders in the past few days (which is sad because I was really pleased with my energy cube textures) and renders are usually *really* hard to do well. I'll see what I can do though, and as always I'm happy to use anything anyone else comes up with.

And b0bst3r, thanks for working on the guis, they're the most boring part of this job.

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2013, 23:19 
Update Update Update

This is the 64x Mekanism update with about 70% of the GUIs redone, this is for 1.6.

Now, there are several versions for 1.6 and some have extra bits on the sides of the GUI, if your version does NOT have a particular extra bit you can still use these GUIs.

I repacked the whole thing because I also aligned some ore colors (I think) with the standard set.

If you use 128x or higher you can still use the guis just take the entire gui folder across.

Sample (of the Elite Factory GUI)

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