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PostPosted: 20 Jun 2017, 04:35 
Per the E3 announcement, it looks like Minecraft is going to offer a "4k" texture pack, likely more-or-less like the Faithful texture pack souped up to 64x or 128x.

I want the 4k graphics. The texture pack they are using with it, not so much.

I note that BDCraft for Minecraft Java already has some "Super Duper" graphics textures to support specular maps, and I *think* normal maps, though I've not looked closely at that. BDCraft with Optifine and shaders is glorious for me. I love what you guys do, and it's really cool to see how specular mapping with BDCraft and the other cool things all play into what Optifine and shader packs can do.

My hope is that BDCraft is able to work closely with Mojang so when 4k rolls out in the fall, BDCraft will be right there offering their take on what a "4k Super-duper graphics pack" really ought to be. Please do this thing. I will be so right there with "TAKE MY MONEY!"

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Currently there is no mapping for the PC version. Anything you can find is either incomplete packs from fans or just what shaders manage to do "magically".

Regardless, as for the "4k" (which is a silly term really, but whatever gets people excited ;)) pocket/win10/console version until we can see what the shaders actually allow us to do we can't promise anything.

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