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 Post subject: Not sure how to install
PostPosted: 09 Dec 2016, 01:51 
I am a proud user of the Windows10 edition, as well as the java version. I am not sure how to get my favorite resource pack on the Windows 10 version. I have not seen any mcpack files available for download. Can someone help me out? :(

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PostPosted: 09 Dec 2016, 19:40 
You can't see it, because the pack is not ready yet.
I'll work on it during the Christmas holiday ;)


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PostPosted: 30 Jan 2017, 00:20 

Apologies if I'm stepping on the toes of the official release here but I just wanted to let you know that I followed a YouTube guide and converted the Java resource pack of VanillaBDC and GrungeBDC to a version that works great with the Win 10 edition.

Link is here:

If (since I'm a new forum member) that link doesn't post, just search for "How to Install Texture Packs in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition v1.0" by "Amazing Mr. X". Worked like a charm! And if that's all it takes, maybe that will help the devs release one more easily. Not sure if this is sort of a round about way to do it or if there's a more proper way, but this definitely worked.

Also, thanks again for the mods, devs! Really love this. Was the very first working mod (and Grunge BDC was the second) that I installed on my Win 10 edition!

~Boswen McBastok

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