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[128x] Better Than Wolves [V4.A9 Pustules Lancing] [MC1.5.2]
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Author:  jorgebonafe [ 11 Jun 2013, 16:44 ]
Post subject:  [128x] Better Than Wolves [V4.A9 Pustules Lancing] [MC1.5.2]

Better Than Wolves is a single-player and multiplayer Minecraft mod that not only adds new items and blocks, but also provides incredible functionality for engineering and design while maintaining the original feel of Minecraft. FlowerChild created BTW since he felt the full potential of the game was not being realized by Mojang for the amount of time they were putting into it. FlowerChild realized the time Mojang spent to create wolves in Minecraft Beta 1.4 and other features in previous releases could have been spent on something with much more functionality and gameplay value. As a result of this and other factors, Better Than Wolves was born on April 10, 2011.


v4.A9 Pustules Lancing for MC1.5.2


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Take a look at Jeetol's Series to see the textures in action!

or Check out HighStakesLP! (they will start Using BDCraft at episode 32)


  1. Go to .minecraft/texturepacks folder
  2. Open your <Texturepack>.zip file (commonly Sphax 128x)
  3. Drag and drop the files from this zip to your texturepack's


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2018-03-12 (v.3.06):
Fixed a problem with and upper slabs

2018-03-10 (v.3.05):
Fixed a problem with and stone brick sub-blocks
Fixed a problem with CTM and brick/stone brick sub-blocks
Changed stonecolor.png

2018-02-28 (v.3.04):
Updated to Better than wolves v4.A9 Pustules Lancing
Added Block textures:
Blood Plank Blocks
Cooking Overlay
Added Item textures:
Infused Skull
Stump Remover
Updated Wither Skull Item Texture

2018-02-13 (v.3.03):
Updated for Better Than Wolves v4.A7 Squid A Swimming

2018-02-08 (v.3.02):
Updated a few textures

2018-02-04 (v.3.01):
Fixed some textures being the wrong size

2018-02-03 (v.3.00):
Fully updated for Better Than Wolves v4.A6 Sided Sideshow
Added textures:
New Trading GUI
Block Textures:
Furnace Empty/Full, Lit/Unlit
Infused Skull
Item textures:
Padded Leggings
Padded Chest
Bone Block
Rotten Flesh Block
Dormant Soulforged Block

Added textures:
Stump block
Item textures:
Cocoa powder
ancient profecy
beast liver
chocolate bucket
cocoa powder
ender slag
gimp armor
mysterious gland
steel nugget
padded boots
padded helm
uncooked pastries
pile of soul sand
redstone latch
soul flux

Added textures:
Nether slugde block
Uncooked pumpkin pie and pastry
Steel pressure plate
Updated Lens Spotlight texture

Added textures:
Jungle sapling growing
Birch sapling growing
Spruce sapling growing
Oak sapling growing
The Beast
Ender Block

Steel Detector textures
Saw Textures

Added Padded Armor (model textures, not items)

Dirty Villager
Kinky Butcher

Added the following textures:
Sad creeper textures
Wolf textures
Librarian Specs
Jungle Spider

Added and fixed some textures for cauldron, hopper and crucible.
Thanks to Daisjun for the textures

-Updated the following textures:
Leveled priest
Harnessed pig and sheep
BTW Trading GUI

-Updated to BTW 4.83
-Missing some stuff still.
MEGA thanks to Pucc.

-Updated to BTW v4.65
-Tweaked GUI to Show food.
-Added Spidey Balls
-Added mod's Arrow Textures

-Updated to BTW V.62
-Thanks to Melonni for this update. :D

-Updated to BTW v.4.56
-Thanks to CadenDonuts for this update.

-Updated to 4.41
-Added Clean Chopping Block.

-Updated to 4.40 :D

-Herp derp derp blerp (i Cant remember stuff i did sorry)

-Finally made the Vertical Windmill
-Added Bloody Chopping Block

-Tweaked stuff

-Added Textures for 4.30
-Tweaked some stuff
-Remade the Grate block

-Tweaked some stuff
-Added Caden's Stoked Fire (not animated yet)

-Updated to 4.22

-Tweaked Some Stuff
-Added GUI's for:
*Block Dispenser
-Added Stake Block and Item sprite
-Added Ender Spectacles
-Added Tabby Cat

-Tweaked Eggs (as user requested)
-Added Rotted Arrows.

-Added Screw
-Added Screw Pump
-Improved Padding Texture
-Tweaked Some Textures (more on the Storage Blocks like CHellfire Block and Padding Block)

-Added "Bone Mealed Farmland"

-Fixed My Eggs

-Updated to 3.96
-Added Items:
*Nether Growth Spores
*Raw and Poached Eggs
-Added Blocks:
*Nether Growth
*Dirt Slab

-Added Items:
*Arcane Scroll
-Added Blocks:
*Infernal Enchanter

-Added Glue
-Added Iron Bar Filter

-Changed Detector Block Texture
-Added a Bunch More Items:
Soul Dust
Hellfire Dust
Saw Dust
Carbon Powder
Soulforged Steel:
Slat, Wicker, Grates
-Tweaked Mining Charge

V. 1.6:
-Added Items:
Soulforged Steel
SS Axe
Cement Bucket
Concentrated Hellfire
Hemp String
-Tweaked the following:
SoulForged Steel Block
-Added GUI for:
Stewing Pot
-Made the Poor Companion Cube Smile

V. 1.5:
-Added Grass Planter
-Changed Vinetrap Texture

V. 1.01:
-Changed BuddyBlock Texture

V. 1.0:
-Added these textures:
Buddy Block
Dung Block
Soulforged Steel Block
Concentrated Hellfire Block
Padding Block
Soap Block
Rope Block(Placeholder)
Grate Pane
Vinetrap (PlaceHolder)
Bloodwood (sapling, Leaves and Trunk)


  • Gainspipr for the previous release and support of this pack
  • Daisjun for some textures for the crucible, hopper and cauldron
  • Faithful 32x & Jecowa for Placeholder Textures
  • CadenDonuts for his Epic Awesomeness
  • Timmie3054 for the Great Donut Texture
  • Battosay for the HD Wall Art
  • Kabluck for the Soul Forged Hoe
  • Melonni for his/her Awesomeness.
  • Pucc for his/her EPIC HELP.

Author:  n-adapted [ 09 Jul 2013, 17:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: [128x] Better Than Wolves [4.83] UPDATE 2.83

is this usable with a ressource pack so we can use this awesome patch with minecraft 1.6.1?

Never mind I got confused by the name of the thread for BTW that mentions 1.6.2 but the mod doesn't support 1.6.

anyways, awesome patch!

Author:  1771174 [ 13 Jul 2013, 10:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: [128x] Better Than Wolves [4.83] UPDATE 2.83

Hello, firstly I want to thank you for keeping up to date this patch until now, you've done an awesome work :)
Secondly: one thing I very liked about the strata update was that, being the vanilla bedrock texture basically the same as the one of stone but darker, the increasingly darker stratas made it looks like the stone was turning into bedrock. I would like to see something like that in this texture pack, with the two new strata having a more distinct look other than being darker. If I do this on my own and share here the results, and you like it, would you put it in the patch?

Author:  MattThePadawan [ 04 Sep 2013, 05:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: [128x] Better Than Wolves [4.83] UPDATE 2.83

Please update

Author:  MetaKnightX [ 10 Sep 2013, 20:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: [128x] Better Than Wolves [4.83] UPDATE 2.83

Doesn't work :/ please help

Author:  MattThePadawan [ 18 Sep 2013, 07:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: [128x] Better Than Wolves [4.83] UPDATE 2.83

MetaKnightX wrote:Doesn't work :/ please help

Please read. What version is BTW onto now? What version of BTW does it say in this thread title. Please read and try to understand before posting stuff everyone would know

-- 18 Sep 2013, 20:01 --

Can someone please update? Surely there's someone in this community that plays BTW?

Author:  sic8 [ 18 Sep 2013, 09:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: [128x] Better Than Wolves [4.83] UPDATE 2.83

Yes please. Would love an update on this. Not many things need changing but my art skills aren't up to par.

The saplings are killing me. Need some sphax style ones back in :)

Author:  Gainspipr [ 13 Oct 2013, 22:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: [128x] Better Than Wolves [4.83] UPDATE 2.83

Guys post a list of textures i need to do (or bundle them up in a zip would be good too)

So I can work on them when I'm on free time. thanks. :D

Sorry i haven't posted for a long time, school is a time absorbing sponge

Author:  EliteNeet [ 16 Oct 2013, 10:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: [128x] Better Than Wolves [4.83] UPDATE 2.83

Gainspipr wrote:Guys post a list of textures i need to do (or bundle them up in a zip would be good too)

So I can work on them when I'm on free time. thanks. :D

Sorry i haven't posted for a long time, school is a time absorbing sponge

I'm so glad that you are willing to continue this patch, its my favorite! :)

Here's the list:

Hopper (needs a retexture or the texture moved)
Saplings (same as Hopper)
Cocoa Powder
Pile of Soul Sand
Detector Rail
Other types of wool (theres now a difference between wool blocks and pieces.)
Gimp Suit
Padded Suit

I think thats it, I looked through the creative menu so that should be all of em.

Author:  Gainspipr [ 16 Oct 2013, 11:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: [128x] Better Than Wolves [4.83] UPDATE 2.83

Take note Flowerchild has hidden stuff from creative xD

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