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 Post subject: Additional Armor
PostPosted: 04 Oct 2015, 03:44 
I used the Sphax PureBD for Minecraft took two of the armors for example I used the Zanite Model for the steel armor in the armor mod and the neptune model for the carbonsteel armor in the armor mod. Now I've only done it for personal, use but read this.

-12- Can I create some textures to support other MODs (by using/mixing yours)?
YES and that would be nice! But only use my textures as a base, release your work in the dedicated section of the forum to let me add your work as a "patch" for the newly supported MOD in the list of patches. I'll credit you for your work of course. Winking
Also, don't release the patch for commercial use (no links with advertisements).

So here I am posting about it. Now I simply renamed the textures from zanite 1 and neptune 2 to armor_chestplate_(either steel or carbonsteel here).png did the same thing for zanite 2 and neptune 2 except saved as boots instead of chestplate. And I know that says use it as a base but eitherway I have not released the files anywhere.

here is a screen of the neptune for an example. If sphax wants my pngs. to add as a patch for minetest thats great I'll give them to him.

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 Post subject: Re: Additional Armor
PostPosted: 04 Oct 2015, 11:38 
As explained in the Rules for Patches thread you can use textures from the main PureBDcraft/TestBDcraft packs for patches as long as they similar uses (e.g. a melon/pumpkin/armour/etc).

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