BDcraft Cubik

BDcraft Cubik - versions LITE and PRO

Minecraft 1.11 snapshots are available: Cubik supports it!

Since Minecraft 1.9, Blocks and Items can be customized in both right and left hands. If you need to export for Minecraft 1.8, be sure to use "CubikPro MC18.exe" Winking

What is BDcraft Cubik?

BDcraft Cubik is a 3D software for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10). It allows everyone to design 3D Meshes with a bunch of Cubes and Planes. Cubik is very easy to use and can export 3D Models for Minecraft (as Blocks, Items or World) as well as common 3D formats like .OBJ and .X3D! It can also import Minecraft Models, Voxelize OBJ or DXF and have many cool features to ease the work on the Mesh.

Everything is designed for very fast&easy work.

BDcraft Cubik is available in 2 versions: LITE and PRO.

PRO version is recommended for ResourcePack Makers and Modders who distribute their creations for commercial use (with or without Ad) and/or Artists needing a fast&easy 3D software to build Voxel-like Meshes.

LITE version is recommended for ResourcePack Makers and Modders who distribute their creations for Free (no sales, no Ad) and/or Artists needing a fast&easy 3D software to try before upgrading.

How Cubik Works

BDcraft Cubik is very easy to use, watch the following video showing how to create from scratch a 3D model for an item based on a PNG texture, how to position&scale it in hand, on head, etc... and how to export it in game.

More videos of BDcraft Cubik are available on the YouTube Channel.

Cubik Versions Comparison

BDcraft Cubik LITE PRO
Editors and User Interface
Cubes Up to 6 Unlimited
Planes Up to 6 Unlimited
Move Element (Left Click) Valid Valid
Resize Element (Right Click) Valid Valid
Rotate Element by 22.5° on X/Y/Z axis (Ctrl+Left Click or Ctrl+Mouse Wheel) Invalid Valid
Move Element Origin (Ctrl+Right Click) Invalid Valid
Clone Element (Alt+Left Click) Invalid Valid
Draw Rule with information (Alt+Right Click) Invalid Valid
Multi-selection (Shift+Left Click) Invalid Valid
Undo/Redo (Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y) Invalid Valid
Panning Views (Space+Left Click) Valid Valid
Model Properties Basic Advanced
Element Settings Valid Valid
Minecraft JSON Preview Invalid Valid
Model Rotation +/- 90° Valid Valid
3D View with mapped textures Valid Valid
Easy UV Mapping Valid Valid
Customizable Grid Invalid Valid
Resizable Window Invalid Valid
Advanced features
Edit Modes (to position Model ingame) Preview Editable
UV Mapping Editor Basic Advanced
Elements Manager Basic Advanced
Material Manager 1 texture Unlimited
Blocks Helper (retrieve any Minecraft block) Invalid Valid
Share Model Preview online Invalid Valid
Access to your own Cubik gallery online (example) Invalid Valid
Export Capabilities
Save Cubik files (BDC3D) Valid Valid
Export Minecraft 3D Model (JSON) Valid Valid
Minified Minecraft 3D Model (JSON) Always Optional
Export Minecraft Forge 3D Model (JSON+PNG) Invalid Valid
Export Minecraft WearMC Mod 3D Model (JSON+PNG) Invalid Valid
Export Wavefront OBJ (OBJ) Invalid Valid
Export Qubicle Exchange Voxel Format (QEF) Invalid Planned
Export 3D Model for Mods (JAVA) Invalid Valid
Export Schematic World (SCHEMATIC) Invalid Valid
Export Binary Voxel (BINVOX) Invalid Valid
Export Extensible 3D (X3D) Invalid Valid
Export Extensible 3D Archive (X3D+PNG files in ZIP) Invalid Valid
Import Capabilities
Load Cubik files (BDC3D) Valid Valid
Import Minecraft Model (JSON old and new formats) Valid Valid
Voxelize Wavefront OBJ and Autocad DXF Invalid Valid
Import Voxels Formats PLY and BINVOX Invalid Valid
Import Extruded Texture PNG Invalid Valid
Import Heighmap BMP Invalid Valid
Additional Information
Price Free 9.90€
Commercial Use Invalid Valid
Credits to "" required for any work done with Cubik Required Optional
Free Updates with Bug fixing Rare Guaranted
Free Updates with New Features Rare Guaranted
Advertisements in-App Valid Invalid
Planned features not available yet
Export MTL file with OBJ Invalid Valid
More shapes for Elements (like Octogons) Invalid Valid
Download BDcraft Cubik LITE PRO


BDcraft has many other things for you

BDcraft is not only "Cubik":

PureBDcraft is available for Minecraft, Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition), Minetest (an Open-Source Minecraft like game) and Delver but you can also download GrungeBDcraft (a WIP pack for Minecraft), various exclusive Wallpapers and icons to customize your PC or your Mac, print unique Paper-Crafts and access the BDcraft Community Forums to discuss, share and get help!

Be sure to check those things. Winking