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BDcraft Cubik
Free Archive ZIP 3D Meshes Blocks Items JSON OBJ JAVA
BDcraft Cubik is a 3D software for Windows. It allows everyone to design 3D Models (.JSON, .OBJ, .X3D) and is recommended for all ResourcePack Makers and/or Artists who need a fast&easy 3D software to build the Meshes they need.

Note: Cubik is available in 2 versions: LITE and PRO.
BDcraft Sounds Pack for Minecraft
Free Archive ZIP Sounds
BDcraft Sounds Pack is the first pack of 300+ sounds for Minecraft. With a new ambiance, Minecraft is darker, funnier and more realistic at the same time. Move around, hear the hoarse rattle of Zombies, the grinding bones of Skeletons and more...

Note: Thanks to 3DGamingTeam who helped making this pack.
BDcraft Animaker
4.90€ Archive ZIP Textures Animations Spritesheets
BDcraft Animaker is an Animation Creator, a Spritesheet Renderer&Splitter and an Animation Player. It has been designed for Minecraft animated textures but can be used for any game that uses the same type of Spritesheet.

Note: Animaker can be tested with the demo version.
BDcraft Musics Pack for Minecraft
Free Archive ZIP Musics
BDcraft Musics Pack is the first pack of 39+ Musics for Minecraft. It creates a true new feeling to Minecraft worlds. Listen to smooth traditionnal/celtic music while exploring lands as well as dark music while exploring caves... Say bye to 8bits Music and welcome a real new experience for your ears!
Note: Thanks to all the artists with Musics included.
Banners Creator for Minecraft
Free iPhone iPad
It's very simple and fun to use:
- Use the "Easy Edit" Mode to create banners by selecting the different patterns and colors
- Use the "Craft" Mode to make patterns as you would do in game
- Export the result with /give, /setblock or /replaceitem commands
- Set the App in SD (x16 textures) or in HD (x512 textures from PureBDcraft)
PureBDcraft for Minecraft
Free Archive ZIP x16 x32 x64 x128 x256 x512
PureBDcraft is a texturepack that redesigns Minecraft in HD and make it looks like a Comics. Available in all resolutions, it is suitable for all Computers. Try all versions to know which one fits the best your needs and your computer specs.

Note: Since Minecraft 1.6, PureBDcraft is released as a ResourcePack
PureBDcraft Addons for Minecraft
Free Archive ZIP HD Community
PureBDcraft supports more than 100 Mods for Minecraft. To support each Mod, you need to install a patch/addon for PureBDcraft which can be found and downloaded here, thanks to the BDcraft Comunity.

Note: Check the "TP Patches" forum to get more supported Mods
GrungeBDcraft for Minecraft
Free Archive ZIP x128 x256 x512
GrungeBDcraft is a variation of PureBDcraft for Minecraft. When PureBDcraft is cartoony, clean and smooth, GrungeBDcraft is semi-realistic, noisy and dirty. It's still a work in progress and doesn't have all textures.

Note: GrungeBDcraft is very detailed, it's recommended to use a high resolution
PureBDcraft for Delver
2.90€ Archive ZIP Windows Installer HD Delver #4
PureBDcraft for Delver is a pack of HD textures for Delver, a cool Retro Dungeon Crawler Indiegame. Available in a special dedicated HD version, you'll be able to play this game in a unique ComicBook style by Sphax with all new Mobs, Walls, Floors, Items and Decorations.

Purchase now to get HD textures for the game, all updates for free and to help with arts.
XmasBDcraft for Minecraft
Free Archive ZIP x128
For Christmas, PureBDcraft is updated with new textures: Mobs get some Santa stuffs, Pumpkins/Melons/TNT/Cauldrons are turned into gifts, doors are decorated, bricks are turned into chocolate and much much more! Available for Christmas 2014 (MC1.8)!

We wish you a merry Christmas in advance!
PocketBDcraft for Minecraft Pocket Edition
Free Archive ZIP x128
You have Minecraft PE? PureBDcraft is available for it on iOS*¹ and Android*²!
Download right now PocketBDcraft, a PureBDcraft version for Mobiles with all the special textures of Minecraft PocketEdition like Nether Reactor, Glowing Obsidian and Stone Cutter...

*¹No Jailbreak required *²No root required. Thanks to coujean99 for the updates
TestBDcraft for Minetest
Free Archive ZIP HD
TestBDcraft is a special version of PureBDcraft for Minetest, an OpenSource game inspired by InfiniMiner, Minecraft and the like. It has many Mods (with a LUA API) and a quite good community.

Note: Thanks to ashenk69 who help updating TestBDcraft.


Note: By downloading and/or using a BDcraft Content, you agree&validate the associated license. Be sure to read it before downloading.

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