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[128x] IC² Mod - Compact Windmills v1.0.1.1

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Compact Windmills

Compact Windmills is an addon for the famous mod IndustrialCraft 2.
It adds a new set of windmills that produce more EU; much like the famed Compact Solars.

Please remember!
Unless told so, all textures are backward compatable. The textures from the unreleased 1.0.2 will work with 1.0.1!


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Click the image to enlarge it!
Preview: click to enlarge
Blocks added by the mod.

Preview: click to enlarge
The rotors used to generate EU. New textures! Very Happy

Preview: click to enlarge
3-D Rendering of the rotors! (Yes they're epic!)


Current Known Bugs

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Here are the current known bugs in the textures:
  • GUI is not properly in scale, the bounding box is higher than the texture - Completely fixed.
  • Rotor item textures are slightly sharp - New textures and sharpness removed, Enjoy.
  • Block textures are slightly sharp from texture and color changing - (Still WIP)
  • NEW Ugly textures for the rendered rotors. These are temporary.

Change Log

Spoiler: Highlight to view

TexturePatch versions:
v2.1 - Added the new item textures for the rotors!
-- They're rotated;
-- New, improved textures!;
-- Alloy Rotor now new colours;
-- The harsh edges removed!
- GUI is NOW on center, and instead of a box, you now have a little rotor icon Very Happy

v2 - Added the new rotor renders (Thanks to Aroma for sending me an unreleased version for a quick update)
- Hopefully fixed the GUI problem.

v1 - Added ALL blocks, items and GUI's
- Patch released


Spoiler: Highlight to view

  • Hanfox and other sphax artists for the IC2 textures which I based mine upon
  • Aroma1997 for making the mod
  • Alblaka and his team for making the mod

Check out Aroma's other IC2 addon!!


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Thanks a ton testing out now.

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I auctually really like this. Thanks for introducing me to the mod, im always up for ic2 addons. Gonna test it out and check how everything looks.