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Armored Pigs for Saddles

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I currently switch between two different PCs and only one is able to run the PureBDcraft texture pack in 128x, my preferred resolution.
The second is only capable of using a 32x texture pack, so I use a modified DokuCraft: The Saga Continues pack and I noticed something really neat in that pack: the Saddle texture not only adds a saddle, but it gives the pig a suit of armor as well.

When I saw that, my first thought was "Man, I wish PureBDcraft had that", then I realized that I could do it. Below is the finished product.

Spoiler: Highlight to view


I spent about an hour in Paint.Net fitting parts of the 512x Gold armor texture onto the 128x pig (to avoid upscale blur) and comparing it to a template for the pig texture.

I think it looks pretty good, though I'd LOVE to see a profession (IE: Sphax) make this for real.
His style is amazing and I'm sure he'd be able to a lot better than tweaking an existing texture to fit the pig.
I definitely think adding a few armored variants to the Saddle would certainly add to the charm of one of the most charming texture packs out there.


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Haha ! That's very funny! Welldone Happy

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Looks hilarious and awesome at the same time. Happy