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Big Dig

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Just wondering. How big an donation could motivate you to soon make the texture updates to all mods in the new Big Dig Pack. Tongue Very Happy Cute ?


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Joined: 02/06/2013

That might be a bit more then i own Very Happy .

Sins my friend and i, started playing Minecraft, we have only used Sphax PureBDCraft 128X128. And we LOVE! it. Cute

We have started a new Big Dig server, and we are quiet sad to se that a lot of the Textures are not updated Sad . So much that we are more the willing to "motivate" the beloved moders to help us out with this problem.
I belive that most if the .Png files have been made earlier, and they "just" needs the new Id code or somthing.

That is why i was asking, how big a donation it would take to help us, and all other that LOVES the Texture packs out, by having a look at it. Happy
It could be great to have a single Zip file with all the texture mods for Big Dig in it.

Please dont look at it as a "Bribe" but a desperate cry for help. Plus we would love to show how much we LOVE all the harde work that have been put into thise textures.

We are looking forward to yet again be able to play the game, with all the great textures.

Best regards Very Happy
Barner and Friends.