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Feedback on PureBDcraft 1.5 (Redstone update)

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Well for the most part I like the new additions in the Redstone update. I have not been able to view them all, but the ones I saw I liked. The animations are cool and for those that complain of slowing MC down, upgrade your computer. They're like cell phones - upgrade them every so often!!

The only real complaints I have are these:

The quartz ore looks fabulous, as does the harvested quartz. The block, column, slab, and stairs look like crap though. They are mostly all white and really look more like what white wool should be. It may be hard to do, but the quartz should have facets of clear, milky white and white. Just all white with very faint edge cracking doesn't cut it. I was hoping for something a little more defined.


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The Texture pack is pretty cool.All ways are in comic type its cool Happy
but the Redstone isn't so good. theres a lot of Points Angry
Das Texturen Packet ist sehr cool. Alles ist aus Comic art das ist cool Happy
Aber das Redstone ist nicht so gut. Das sind nur ein paar Punkte Angry

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Joined: 17/04/2013

Nether Blocks:

I love the animated netherrack, but I would also like to see a mild animation on the soul sand. Perhaps glowing eyes, or make the faces move very slightly, sort of eerily. Both SMP's Revival (16x) and Misa's Realistic (64x) show examples of the sort of thing I had in mind. I also love the nether quartz, but would like it if the pillar blocks lined up a little bit better. There's an obvious edge, and I don't know if this could be corrected with connected textures or just by default, or what the deal is with it. I wanted to use it as siding for a house but it didn't quite look the way I had hoped. it does this when upright too.


Also, these are minor suggestions not necessarily related to this particular update, but I wanted to try and consolidate my feedback into one post. I would love to see an alternate helmet for the iron armor that fits more with the chain helmet, or perhaps the gold and diamond "crowns". My server uses BDcraft, and everyone is very fond of it, but I've had several complaints about the helmet looking like a welding mask. I personally don't mind it too much, but I thought an alternate texture for those who don't care for it would be nice. Happy

Forgot to mention I would also love to see more variety in blocks which you see a lot of, like stone and sand. Different cracks in stone, and maybe some rocks or bones sticking out of the sand. I would suggest shells, but that would be kind of weird in a desert, though it'd look great on a beach!


I posted a topic about this in the Bugs section, but I'll post it here as well: the stone brick and stone brick slabs are slightly different shades, and this is apparent when they're placed side by side. I thought it was just me at first, but my husband also noticed it.

Finally, I'm sure this has been mentioned a thousand times, but the activated detector rail doesn't seem to have a texture, but I'm sure you've already whipped something up to be released in the next upload. Kiss

Thank you as always, Sphax, for such a wonderful and high quality texture pack. It's been my absolute favorite ever since I first discovered it.

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Hey there Sphax! I really like all the updated textures for 1.5, but not the nether quartz item, personally. It might just be me, but it doesn't feel right.

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Ender Slayer
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i am very sorry Angry ,to say, i dont really know how to use alternate textures? could some one help.

it would be very appreciated Cute

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It is actually fairly easy. I'll use the clock as an example. There is one file named clock, and another called clock_alt1. All you need to do is switch the names.

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It took me ages to find the difference between the trapped and normal chests, i only discovered it today.
I feel That the soulsand HAS TO BE ANIMATED!!!, even if it is just a wriggle, though if the souls moved around that would be awesome.

I know that this is a bit late to be posting this comment, but if this is implemented in the 1.6 update i would be EXTREMELY grateful! Thx if you read this and take it into consideration, Sphax
- Zynx

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The Buttery Manchild
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[quote=Cr0wmaster]- Ok so first of all i dont realy like netherrack effect. pls make it optional. its too fast for my taste, too distracting. Overall very good but not for me.

I agree, I want this to be done and water back, I want this done to the WHOLE texture pack

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Llama Farmer
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There's plenty of alts in the texture pack that you can use instead. Simply unzip the pack or, if you can (if your on a PC) edit the zip file from outside, go into textures->blocks, then press 'h' to find the section with 'hellrock' (netherrack) in. Remove the files that have multiple netherrack textures going down, as well as any .txt files beginning with 'hellrock'. Then, rename hellrock_static to hellrock.png.

For water, simply remove the blocks called water.png and water_flow.png, and replace them with the water_alt and the like that'll be nearby... After this, go back to the directory with textures, gui, mob, etc. in it, cmmd+a or ctrl+a to select all, then right click and compress (on mac), or add to archive (i think) on PC. Then put this .zip file in your texture packs folder.