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[REQ] Help with HD Boba Fett skin

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Ok, this is my first attempt at Sphax-ifying a skin from scratch. Looking for some help with my Boba Fett skin.
Most specifially the shoulder pads.

My idea was to add shoulder pads and then put the Sphax emblem on them. Original Boba had the Mandalor emblem on his shoulders. (I think its Mandalor anyways)

Any help/feedback would be appreciated.


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A bit of information for you, I used to be a bit of a Star Wars techno-fanboy, so here goes:
The emblem on the side of Boba Fett's beskar'gam is the symbol for the Death Watch, a bit like the Nazis except they purged their own people instead of another. LEGO, in their infinite idiocy, has chosen to release a battle pack group with what they just call "Mandalorians" fighting clones. They are in fact Death Watch, and have the little emblem to boot.
Boba Fett also carried an assortment of rockets, grappling hooks, and flamethrowers in his wrist gauntlets. Also, you may wish to retexture the jetpack as a cape.

Also, he carries a lockpick on the underside of his gauntlets.

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can I download this skin?