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I need permission from sphax

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Hi! I am Draco and i needed permission from Sphax to post a topic of his texture pack
on this site ""

It is a forum which is based on pocket edition minecraft.
I currently no nothing about pc (im a loser)

If i could link this site for them to download the texturepack

Here is what i will do

- i will not put it to link.
- i will only link tthe site's download page
- i will also link the forum thread so sphax can see if i did something
- i will not take any credit

If you are having any thoughts about me, i dont do bad stuff
here is my MCF account

here is my account on the forum said above

best regards,


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Yup, that's fine.

As long as you do not mirror or put links behind

This probably covers this the best: FAQ - Q/A:6

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Your forum is about MCPE Sphax PocketBDcraft??? Please, can I get more information??? I can help you for more information about the little update, preview... Please contact me in MP Winking