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[Answered] Minecraft Crashes

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GuitarCrafter 202
Joined: 03/05/2012

Hi, 2 day ago I was trying to update this texture pack to the newest version of minecraft (1.2.5), so I did the normal procedure, force update and then I patched minecraft with mcpatcher, and I also installed:
minecraft forge
not enough items
and code chiken core
so the I acces minecraft ,trhough mcpatcher, and everything run fine but the I aplied the texturepack (128x) and a couple of seconds later I got this

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Number of remaining buffer elements is 1024, must be at least 65536
at org.lwjgl.BufferChecks.throwBufferSizeException(
at org.lwjgl.BufferChecks.checkBufferSize(
at org.lwjgl.BufferChecks.checkBuffer(
at org.lwjgl.opengl.GL11.glTexSubImage2D(
at aaw.a(
at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.k(
at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(
at Source)

So I cant play with the texture pack aplied, and when I open the game from the original launcher I can see the menu screen for less the a second and the just black screen.

Please help me, I really want to use this texture pack.
Also, do you know why the is not working? I really want some mods addons.


Joined: 03/05/2012

Something about MCPatcher breaks how things work - you probably need to go use Optifine instead Happy
Aedaeum had the same crash over here, and I got the same one when I tried using MCPatcher's HD features, rather than Optifine:

Also just about all the things that were on eclipse-project, is in this forum now, in a neat list, here:
Sticky post at the top, and also in the section itself Happy

GuitarCrafter 202's picture
GuitarCrafter 202
Joined: 03/05/2012

Have someone ever said that you're awesome? Very Happy
Thanks bro, really appreciate your help. Now I will be able to use this awesome texturepack.