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Minecraft opening problems

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I downloaded all Sphax texture packs exept for the 512x512. I used the 128x128 for a while and then wanted to see if I would lag too much with the 256x256. so I tried it out and my Minecraft crashed (that happens often with a new texture pack). then when I opened it up again, it had the Mojang loading screen for about 20 seconds (longer than usual) and then the screen was just black. It's been like this for about a month now and I cant play Minecraft at all. Please help! I'll tell you what I can.


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You can either try giving Minecraft more RAM or you'll have to fix the texturepack.

To fix the texturepack go to your .minecraft folder and open options.txt; find the line that starts Skin:Sphax and change it to Skin:Default