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Minecraft PE Sphax IOS Texturepack Instructions

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Joined: 15/10/2012

Hi all!

My first time posting on the forums, so forgive me if this is in the wrong place.

I noticed that when looking at the instructions for installation of Sphax for Minecraft PE on IOS, the instructions were rather out of date as iExplorer as well as some other components have changed. Not saying that you have to, but a new and improved version of instructions would really help people get Sphax for Minecraft PE up and running:

No jailbreak required!
On your computer with your device connected:
-Download Sphax PocketBDcraft iOS (
-Download iExplorer (
-Follow the prompts and install and launch iExplorer
-Select the drop-down arrow next to "Apps" in the left-hand menu
-Find and select "Minecraft PE"
-Copy all files from the folder "Sphax PocketBDcraft iOS"
-Back in iExplorer, right-click the folder"" and select paste
-Close iExplorer, eject your device and switch it off and then on again.
-Launch Minecraft Pocket Edition

I should note that this exact method is for Mac, I'm not sure whether the same applies to a Windows computer. Thankyou for taking the time to read this, I hope it gets implemented into the website for everyone to see!