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More building specifik textures please!

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There is an unlimited number of block ID's that aren't normally used.
For example: The block ID for a wooden plank is 5. So if i was to type 5:1 i would get a spruce wood plank and if i was to type 5:2 i would get a jungle wood plank and so on.
But there are id's that arent used like 5:5
Texture packs like the conquest texture pack uses these unused ID's to make blocks specifikly meant for building like barrels, ropes, chains etc.

I would like Sphax to also create some textures like this.
For example: Cobweb is often used as smoke so why not use the 30:1 ID ( 30 is the block ID for cobweb ) and put an animated smoke texture there?
People that doesn't use sphax would see cobweb coming out of a chimney but people that use the texture pack would see animated smoke come out of a chimney.