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My feedback and suggestions

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Joined: 17/01/2013

Hi Sphax, very long time ago i suggested You some changes to this texturepack and You liked it, like better tiled soil or magma cubes. So here are few suggestions that (i think) will improve this TP very much.

- can You remove or add alternate textures to emerald and diamond blocks? im thinking of borders on them. it does not look good in my opinion.
- can you add ferns to grass textures? i realy like them as a green plant in my pots but now they are no diffrent than tall grass, pls add ferns Winking
- redstone lamp is too dark when off. maybe adding some brown-ish tint to it will make it more realistic. black does not work well, too much contrast.
- chiseled stone brick is not as exciting as in default. i know You can come up with better design.
- beackon light is almost invisible, it shuld be strong light beam that is visible all the time. these thin lines are not "powerful".

Please tell me what You think about that. These little changes can improve this texturpack epicnes Winking. and i cant wait for new textures from 1.5!! thanks for Your work.


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Joined: 10/11/2011

I agree with everything except for the beacon light. I like it as it is now because I like it having strange symbols as if it is a link to another world from which it takes its power... Tongue

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Joined: 03/03/2013

Help! What does zombie villager look like in teture pack. I need it for my skyblock.

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I searched for an answer myselfI like to comment everythingI love to post here
Joined: 24/11/2012

I agree with all the requested changes also, But also agree with Shpax, The beacon imo is good the way it is.

As for the person that hijacked the post about Zombie Villagers... They would be the ones with red eyes