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Patches don't work for me :(

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[quote=TechnoMiner]I think he's referring to the fact that often, when you unzip a patch file, it'll have a folder that has the folder with the textures in. E.g. Sphax 64x EE2 (ZIP File) > Sphax 64x EE2 v1.4.6.6 (folder containing texture folders) > ee, armor, eqex (these are the files you'd put in your texture pack folder, were you using this particular mod).

In your case, after downloading the 1.5 patch Zip files, you'll want to put the folders called 'gravigun' and 'mods' (which'll include 'portalgun'), into your texture pack folder. However, as stated earlier, they may not be updated yet.[/quote] Thanks! I'll try that! But I DID put the folder called "gravigun" in the texturepack ZIP folder and that didn't work...

P.S: I don't know if this matters, but I'm using WinRAR, not 7-ZIP

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I am having a similar problem but with the Plenty O Biomes patch, followed the advice but not have the PoB textures are updating in game.