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Please READ before posting bug report

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Thank you for your enthousiasm and welcome to and its forums.

We are very happy to help you every day to answer your messages asking for help and support. However, please, to let us actually fix unknown, difficult or ambiguous bugs, be sure that your problem has not been fixed previously.

Note: Before anything else, read this guide to install a HD patch for Minecraft.

How do I know if my problem has already been solved?

Three simple solutions:

  • 1 - Read the FAQ
    It was created to answer your questions even before you do ask yourself.
  • 2 - Do a search
    Use the "Search" field which is always at the top right of this website.
  • 3 - Explore the support forum
    If you still have not found the answer, have a look at the messages already created. Look at the solved ones (prefix "[Solved]" or "[Fixed]").

And if I didn't found a solution to my problem?

If you don't find the answer after these three solutions, do not hesitate to create your own topic:
  • If it looks like to be a bug (problem related to the texturepack itself): Create it on "Bugs report" forum
  • If it looks like an installation/config problem (problem not related to the texturepack): Create it on "Support" forum