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[Suggestion] New Lapis Lazuli block like vanilla?

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In the latest snapshot, 13w19a, the Lapis Lazuli blocks texture was changed to be less grainy, and have strong border. I much prefer this texture. I was wondering if the texture pack could change to have the Lapis Lazuli blocks to be more like a brick rather than a jumble of ore.


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I'll pass it on to Sphax.

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I knocked this up for myself quickly last night to make it match the new lapis texture better.
Just based on the border from the redstone block with the old lapis texture for the middle.
Is this what you were thinking of?

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As i builder i would much rather just keep the old texture and not bother with framing it.
When building blocks that are framed are much harder to use because they just don't fit in and i wouldn't want lapis to enter this category just because it's one of the few blue blocks in the game.