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Tekkit Lite/ Tekkit Classic Nano Saber Retexture

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Joined: 18/05/2013

Hello, I am absolutely in love wih your ultimate texture pack! I although am a little disappointed.. I loved the Nano Saber's old textur, although dislike the new texture that you have made for the patch. I am proposing that you should Retexture the nano saber. I also Have an idea about what I have in mind. I am posting this on my iPhone, so I can't post the idea picture right now but will in a hour. I hope that you will take my idea into considerisation and hope other fans of bdcraft will support me. I say, thank you for your time.




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Sphax hasn't made any of the mod textures seen in Tekkit. Most are done by the community.

The IndustrialCraft2 thread is here:

Links to old patches are available in that thread for which you can get the old version of the nano saber.