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Tips&Tricks to create textures like the PureBDcraft ones

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I was wondering if any mac-users out there have encountered this issue when texturing, and more specifically when exporting PNGs from Photoshop. See, I've found that whenever I save a 512x PNG, its icon is generally the same size as the icons that are found pretty much everywhere else in this texture pack, patches, etc. But, whenever I save a lower resolution PNG, its icon is smaller. In the end it doesn't actually affect the PNGs or how they appear in-game, but it is nonetheless annoying, and I was hoping someone would know a fix for this:

Spoiler: Highlight to view

I assume it's probably something to do with a setting that can be changed when saving images from Photoshop, but I haven't figured it out yet...

Edit: Fixed it now. If I open the completed PNGs in one of those awful drawing programs your computer comes with, and then immediately save it again, it has the right icon size. I think it indeed was Photoshop being annoying... Oh well. Happy