Patch details

MagicBees Patch

Mod by MysteriousAges
Patch for PureBDcraft by HanFox

Mod description

ThaumicBees adds several new bee species to Forestry that will assist in producing useful items for Thaumcraft. If you love Thaumcraft and Beekeeping, these new species will provide extra resources and benefits to those clever enough to obtain them.

Note: MagicBees Mod requires Forestry Mod to work properly. Be sure to download patches for both Mods and install all Mods in your Minecraft game.

Go to the MagicBees website for more information.

Patch Author note

Go to the MagicBees Patch forum thread to read&post feedback.


Note: Be sure to download the original BDcraft texturepack firstly. Then install one of the above addon in the downloaded ZIP file.


SPARKST3R for his Knowledge Fragment which I used as a base for the Lore Fragment
MysteriousAges for putting up with my stupid questions in IRC ;)