Patch details

RedPower 2 Patch

Mod by eloraam
Patch for PureBDcraft by Timmie3054

Mod description

At its core, it greatly expands and improves the functionality of redstone in Minecraft by adding common circuits abstracted to single blocks and more modular redstone cabling.

Go to the RedPower 2 website for more information.

Patch Author note

Go to the RedPower 2 Patch forum thread to read&post feedback.


Note: Be sure to download the original BDcraft texturepack firstly. Then install one of the above addon in the downloaded ZIP file.


  • All of PR5b & PR6 - Timmie3054 + Additional Help
  • Most of the RedPower Textures from PR4 and below - Amon
  • Additional Help - pcmaster160, CadenDonuts, HanFox

I'm sure there are many more people, sorry if you're not listed, just speak up if you want to be credited.