Patch details

ComputerCraft Patch

Mod by dan200
Patch for PureBDcraft by SPARKST3R

Mod description

ComputerCraft is a mod created for Minecraft that adds Computers, Monitors, Modems, Turtles and more! All devices are programmed with the easy to learn Lua programming language. You can use Redstone and even RedPower alongside with your devices for the best experience.

Go to the ComputerCraft website for more information.

Patch Author note

For MC1.5.x

Go to the ComputerCraft Patch forum thread to read&post feedback.


Note: Be sure to download the original BDcraft texturepack firstly. Then install one of the above addon in the downloaded ZIP file.


Hanfox, for being an awesome button pusher! And for scaling the textures for me :)