Patch details

MoonQuest Patch

Mods-Pack by Technic
Patch for PureBDcraft by Turninator95

Mods-Pack description

This is the Modpack the Yogscast used for their series on their MoonQuest series on YouTube.

Go to the MoonQuest website for more information.

Patch Author note

This Pack is a mixed 128x/64x Texture Pack. The upgrade is for the people that have the previous version and don't want to download a big package.

Go to the MoonQuest Patch forum thread to read&post feedback.


Note: Be sure to download the original BDcraft texturepack firstly. Then install one of the above addon in the downloaded ZIP file.

How to Install

1. Download the normal Sphax BDCraft Pack in 64x or 128x (depending on how good your PC is) from here
2. Drag this pack into yourinstallationfolder/resourcepacks.
(The default installation folder for the Technic Launcher is YourUsername/Appdata/Roaming/.technic)
(To get to appdata press windows button + R and type %appdata% in and press enter)
3. Download the MoonQuest Patch.
4. Open the patch with an archive program like WinRar and drag all the files into the normal Sphax pack
5. Start up Minecraft and choose the Resource Pack. (This may take a while).