Patch details

Tekkit Classic Patch

Mods-Pack by KakerMix
Patch for PureBDcraft by crumbl3d

Mods-Pack description

Alter the world, traverse its skies and dive into its seas. Use technology and magic to build and destroy as you see fit, with your friends and against your enemies.

Tekkit uses Bukkit
That’s right, the self-contained Tekkit server is Bukkit at its core, allowing you the entire Bukkit plugin catalog to be run with Tekkit. Many thanks to the minds over at MC Port Central for their devotion in porting vanilla SMP mods to the Bukkit platform.

Go to the Tekkit Classic website for more information.

Patch Author note

Before writing comments, suggestions or bugs please read the FAQ and the ReadME file found in the zips! It would be nice if you added a link to this page in videos you use this patch in!

Go to the Tekkit Classic Patch forum thread to read&post feedback.


Note: Be sure to download the original BDcraft texturepack firstly. Then install one of the above addon in the downloaded ZIP file.

How to Install

1. Download both the default Sphax PureBDCraft texture pack (for Minecraft 1.2.5) and the addon pack. They need to be same size! (example: 128x)

2. Open both zips and copy the contents of the Tekkit addon pack into the PureBDCraft texture pack using an archiver (7zip or WinZip recommended).

Note: If you are getting an error saying "Irrecoverable Error: The archive is read-only and cannot be changed." just close Tekkit first.

3. Move the newly created file to ".techniclaunchertekkittexturepacks" folder. On Windows just type %appdata% into search bar, and on Mac launch the game and then go to folder manually.(Click on "Texture Packs" and then click on "Open texture pack folder")

4. Select the pack in the game and play.

PS: Please read the ReadME file inside of the zip because it contains a lot of useful info!


  • Additional Pipes - PCMaster160
  • Advanced Machines – HanFox
  • Animated Textures - Zekrom9, CadenDonuts
  • Balkons Weapon Mod - Sphax84
  • BuildCraft - CadenDonuts
  • ccSensors - crumbl3d, CopperCookie
  • Charging Bench - Ruyan, PCMaster160
  • Compact Solars - CadenDonuts
  • ComputerCraft - CadenDonuts, Francogp
  • Dimensional Anchors - CadenDonuts
  • Ender Storage - CadenDonuts
  • Equivalent Exchange 2 - CadenDonuts, HanFox, Amon, ME - for fixing GUI's
  • Forestry - HanFox, PCMaster160, Amon
  • IndustrialCraft 2 - Ruyan, HanFox, Amon, PCMaster160, CadenDonuts
  • IronChests - Timmie3054, ME - for updating
  • More CTM - CadenDonuts
  • Nether Ores - Ruyan
  • Not Enough Items - HanFox
  • Nuclear Control - HanFox
  • Power Converters - BinaryConstruct, ME - for adding some stuff
  • Railcraft - Timmie3054, PCMaster160, ME - for updating
  • RedPower 2 - Amon, Timmie3054, CadenDonuts, PCMaster160, HanFox
  • Rei's Minimap - _Rodrix_, Hanfox
  • Tube Stuff - Timmie3054, CadenDonuts, SPARKST3R, ME - for updating
  • Wireless Redstone - Chicken Bones Edition - PCMaster160, CadenDonuts, SPARKST3R