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Mods&Patches List [beta]

49 Mods and Mods-packs available. Use the search engine to find the Mod/Patch you want.


Advanced Solar Panels

Mod by SeNtiMeL
Patch by HanFox

Better Than Wolves

Mod by FlowerChild
Patch by Gainspipr

Biomes O' Plenty

Mod by Forstride and gamax92
Patch by _Rein20_


Mod by SpaceToad
Patch by CadenDonuts

Bunyan Wood

Mod by Gwydion0917
Patch by HanFox

Combo Armors

Mod by UnixRano
Patch by Exsaliver


Mod by cpw
Patch by HanFox


Mod by dan200
Patch by francogp


Mod by dan200
Patch by SPARKST3R

Dimensional Anchors

Mod by immibis
Patch by HanFox


Mod by Xolova
Patch by Zernicalo


Mod by ChickenBones
Patch by SPARKST3R


Mod by Binnie
Patch by HanFox


Mod by MisterFiber and ScottKillen
Patch by HanFox

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