Mods&Patches List [beta]

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Mod by SirSengir
Patch by HanFox

Gravitation Suite

Mod by SeNtiMeL
Patch by pcmaster160

Gravity Gun

Mod by iChun
Patch by RickyTheHedgehog


Mod by GregoriusT
Patch by HanFox

Harken Scythe

Mod by Jade Knightblazer
Patch by AranhaPreta


Mod by Alblaka
Patch by HanFox


Mod by cpw
Patch by CadenDonuts

Legend Gear

Mod by NMcCoy
Patch by AranhaPreta


Mod by immibis
Patch by HanFox


Mod by MysteriousAges
Patch by HanFox

Metallurgy 2, 3 & 4

Mod by Shadowclaimer
Patch by MrTylon


Mod by immibis
Patch by HanFox

Misc Peripherals

Mod by RichardG
Patch by HanFox

Modular Powersuits

Mod by MachineMuse
Patch by DanniL113

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