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Mods&Patches List [beta]

49 Mods and Mods-packs available. Use the search engine to find the Mod/Patch you want.


Nether Ores

Mod by PowerCrystal
Patch by HanFox

Not Enough Items

Mod by ChickenBones
Patch by HanFox


Mod by KingLemming
Patch by HanFox

Pig Grinder

Mod by iChun
Patch by dozid

Plugins for Forestry 2

Mod by denoflions
Patch by HanFox

Portal Gun

Mod by iChun
Patch by CadenDonuts


Mod by CovertJaguar
Patch by pcmaster160

Red Rock

Mod by Gwydion0917
Patch by HanFox

RedPower 2

Mod by eloraam
Patch by Timmie3054


Mod by VIII
Patch by Ziqinubz

Thermal Expansion

Mod by KingLemming
Patch by HanFox


Mod by MamiyaOtaru
Patch by HanFox

Wireless Redstone

Mod by ChickenBones
Patch by SPARKST3R


Feed the Beast

Mods-Pack by Slowpoke
Patch by jakeytaylor

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