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How to install PocketBDcraft for MCPE on Android

No root required

Installing PocketBDcraft on your Android Device is pretty easy and do not require to get a Root access. You'll simply need to download a third party App on the Google Play Store.

Follow this simple step-by-step guide and everything will be done in less than 5 minutes. No risk, not too much pain.

PocketBDcraft for Android Installation

  • First, you need to Download "Block Launcher" App or its Pro version. To install PocketBDcraft, you just need the standard (Free) version.

  • Download your version of PocketBDcraft on (here)

  • Open Block Launcher
  • Touch the "Wrench" button above the Minecraft PE title/logo

  • Select "Launcher Options"
  • Touch "Texture Pack" and set it to "ON"

  • Touch the Middle and touch the bottom Right button called "Select"
  • You should see some folders. Scroll down to "Downloads" and select it
  • There should now be "Sphax PocketBDcraft x128 Android": Select it

  • After that there will be 2 Texture Packs. "Demo" and "Sphax...". Select the "Sphax..." one

  • One more Tip: Goto settings and disable animated Water. It could make your game a bit laggy.

  • You now have Sphax PocketBDcraft Texture Pack successfuly installed!

Note: If you wanna play now with PocketBDcraft, you'll have to launch "Block Launcher" instead of "Minecraft PE".

Have fun!

Thanks to "Vinc" for this PocketBDcraft Installation Guide