PureBDcraft for Delver

PureBDcraft for Delver

What is PureBDcraft for Delver?

Project temporarily on hold

New updates will happen in the future but due to lack of time I (Sphax) am obliged to set this project temporarily on hold. I'm alone at making new textures for PureBDcraft and many other new projects require my focus (like Cubik and many others). I'm very sorry for users who want PureBDcraft for latest version of Delver, you'll need to be patient.

If you purchased PureBDcraft for Delver in 2015 with Paypal, I propose you a 90% refund. To proceed, send an email to contact@bdcraft.net with your Paypal primary email address.
Please note that after the refund you'll not be able to update your pack in the future.

PureBDcraft for Delver is a pack of more than 200 textures in HD for Delver, a Cool DungeonCrawler IndieGame (More details on the website: delvergame.com). All the work is done in a unique ComicBook style. Thanks to it, you can transform Delver from a fabulous Retro game to an insane High Definition game and play it as you were in a Comics!

PureBDcraft for Delver in details:

  • 68 textures in 128x128 for walls, floors and ceilings
  • 22 textures in 256x256 for sprites used for decorations
  • 21 textures in 256x256 for meshes (trees, shadows, ...)
  • 70 textures in 256x256 for items and inventory icons
  • 23 textures in 256x256 for particles
  • 54 textures in 512x512 for entities (mainly monsters animations and NPC)
  • 4+ textures in various sizes for the Game Interface (GUI)
  • 1 HD Font for better PureBDcraft experience
  • 1 edited 3D Model for better UVW Mapping
  • 1 entire new Delver Logo in the PureBDcraft style
  • 1 config file to let the Musician sing a bit ^^


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PureBDcraft Texturepack for Delver
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Thanks in advance! It is so awesome of you. Hart

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BDcraft is not only "PureBDcraft Texturepack for Delver":

PureBDcraft is available for Minecraft, Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition), Minetest (an Open-Source Minecraft like game) and Delver but you can also download GrungeBDcraft (a WIP pack for Minecraft), various exclusive Wallpapers and icons to customize your PC or your Mac, print unique Paper-Crafts and access the BDcraft Community Forums to discuss, share and get help!

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