PureBDcraft on Xbox and Playstation

You like PureBDcraft, its smoothness with cartoon/comic textures and its HD experience? You love its re-designed Mobs, Items and Blocks?
You play with it on PC and want to get the same game experience on Xbox and/or Playstation?

Read what follows, we need your help!

Update 28/12/2013:

This "Help campaign" was a "success" in some way... Hmm
A success because we got some attention from Notch himself. A fail because Notch considered this campaign as SPAM (Notch's Tweet).

You've been so many to Tweet @MojangTeam and @Notch that you would like PureBDcraft on Minecraft Xbox/Playstation: more than 700+ BDcraft fans to tweet in less than 4 days! That's HUGE.
That's way more than expected and Notch didn't like that at all. I honestly can understand his position and I apologized and suspended the Tweet button on this page as fast as I was able to (with a bad Internet Access on my mobile)...

This campaign was not SPAM and was never intended to be SPAM at all.
I myself hate spam and never wanted to put a tool online for that. My only goal was to get some sort of attention from MojangTeam and/or Notch to be able to discuss. I got attention but Notch didn't want to discuss.

So, again:

  • if you are a Mojang Team member who read this message, I sincerely apologize (Sphax's Tweet [1][2]) for how this "Help Campaign" turned... I was not able to discuss seriously with Mojang since more than 1 year (tried Minecon, emails and tweets without success) and really wanted to get some hints to port PureBDcraft on Consoles in a fair way (totally free or for sale with very small price and rev-share for ALL parties involved).

  • If you are a User of PureBDcraft who read this message, I also apologize for this result because, currently, I'm not able to port PureBDcraft (or any other texturepack) on Consoles for Minecraft.

You can still follow @Sphax84 to get more details on the future of this story. Who knows, it's maybe not a bad ending. Let's be optimistic for this new year! Winking

I wish you great holiday season and a happy new year 2014! Have fun! Hart


To help BDcraft port PureBDcraft TexturePack on Xbox and Playstation, click on the "Tweet" buttons you want (Xbox and/or Playstation) and that's all! You can also share this page on Facebook to spread the word (with the button on the right) Winking

[Stopped - Read Update above] (You can follow Sphax84 for more details)

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The story of a lost crusade

Since 29th July 2012, I (Sphax) tried to get a hint from 4JStudios on how to help them port PureBDcraft on Xbox. I got an answer from 4J the 18th August 2012 from a kind person but she (yeah, a girl ^^) wasn't able to say anything yet on this subject...

I then tried (since more than 1 year now!) to discuss with Mojang, Microsoft and Sony without that much success sadly. I've been able to discuss a bit more with 4JStudios since, but they were kind enough to redirect me and told me that 4J is not the decision makers on this subject and still can't help me more.

Mojang is the Decision Maker.

  • I twitted @MojangTeam (like many others have already done before me): without success... What

  • I emailed Notch: but never had the chance to get an answer from him... Sad

  • I was contacted on Twitter by Microsoft: but I can't say anything more... Mmf

  • Now, I know who they can listen to: YOU Hart

What is BDcraft.net

BDcraft.net is a lot more than just some Texturepacks for Minecraft, Delver and other games... BDcraft is more than 10K textures, more than 300 sounds, more than 10K registered users and more than 1 million visits per month!

BDcraft.net is composed by few guys and gals:
- Sphax: Main Artist, Author and Developer
- Hanfox: Lead Forum Moderator
- Aedaeum: Forum Moderator
- Zumi: Server Admin
- MrKrinkin: Server Moderator
- Coujean: PocketBDcraft Updates Helper
- Ashenk69: Minetest Updates Helper

But, again, BDcraft.net is not just those cool guys and gals, it's mainly an awesome Community that you are a Member of! Thanks to YOU, BDcraft.net can stay alive on the Web and brings you new things every day: Free updates, new Contents and new possibilities!

All together, we can tell Mojang, Microsoft and Sony that we want PureBDcraft for Minecraft on Xbox and Playstation! Because, after all, we already have it on PC and there is no valid reason to deprive us this feature.

To help BDcraft.net give you PureBDcraft on Xbox and Playstation, simply click on the big buttons above (Twitter required).

Thanks for your help, and Have fun! Hart

What is PureBDcraft

If you read this part, you are probably not a real player of Minecraft. Happy

PureBDcraft is a texturepack that redesigns Minecraft in HD and make it looks like a Comics. Available in all resolutions, it is suitable for all Computers.

PureBDcraft is HD, smooth and redesigns ALL Mobs, Blocks, Items, GUI, Particles of Minecraft and is available on PC for Free!

We want PureBDcraft to be totally Free on Xbox and Playstation OR for a very small price (with Fair revenue-share for all parties involved).