BDcraft Shop

Official Shop! The heroes always have their sign of recognition. If you have ideas for new Minecraft designs with PureBDcraft (Figs or Tees), do not hesitate to post them on the forum.

BDcraft Shirts, Mugs, Baby-ones, Cases...

Tips: Prefer light colored support (tshirts, mugs and cases) instead of dark ones. The final render is better with sharper colors.
*BDcraft Alien/Hero/Golem designs are based on original drawings by Thomas Frick, talented artist and friend

BDcraft Figs

Tips: BDcraft Figs is a new way to make your game with PureBDcraft more real. You can change the Default Player Skin to your own skin by using the tools available after choosing the Fig you want. The scale is approximately 6cm tall and can be modified (reduced or enlarged).
Note: You want to know how to customize the BDcraft Fig you want? Read the guide for the Skin and the guide for the Cape