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Sphax Lights MOD


Sphax Lights is a simple Mod which adds new functionnal and decorative lights to Minecraft.

Thanks to it, you'll be able to bake clay blocks, carve rune in them, lights them with a torch, craft awesome lanterns and mix redstone with glowstone to get a mixstone (An illuminating redstone dust)

Wonderfull for nice looking lights indoor or outdoor... and why not involved in complex redstone systems!


Put a clay block in a furnace to get a baked clay block! Then, put it on the floor, engrave a rune thanks to a pickaxe and put a torch inside... Easy and quite COOL!



Spoiler: Highlight to view

6x Lanterns : Iron ingot + Glowstone powder + Redstone + Glass
8x Lanterns : Iron ingot + Mixstone + Glass

1x Mixstone : Redstone + Glowstone powder

Lighted Rune : Carved rune + torch

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WARNING: ModLoader is required!
This mod don't modify any Minecraft class thanks to it.

Last version (for Minecraft 1.1.0)

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