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Sphax Slime is a mod which adds a balanced use to the slimeballs! Craft a big slimeball by combining 2 other slimeballs and put it on the floor to create a small square of a bouncy slime (a slime "pool")! Power it with redstone and randomly get more or less big slime Mobs (depending on the size of the powered slime "pool").

Great for run&jump/record maps and/or for farming slimes!


Simply power a slime "pool" with redstone and you'll randomly get a slime on the powered slime "pool". The bigger your slime "pool" is, the more chances you have to get a big Slime Mob spawn!



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Just two recipes with slimeballs!

1x Big Slimeball : Slimeball + Slimeball
2x Slimeball : Big Slimeball

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WARNING: ModLoader is required!
This mod don't modify any Minecraft class thanks to it.

Last version (for Minecraft 1.1.0)

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