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Slime Mod

Sphax Slime MOD


Sphax Slime is a mod which adds a balanced use to the slimeballs! Craft a big slimeball by combining 2 other slimeballs and put it on the floor to create a small square of a bouncy slime (a slime "pool")! Power it with redstone and randomly get more or less big slime Mobs (depending on the size of the powered slime "pool").

Great for run&jump/record maps and/or for farming slimes!


Lights Mod

Sphax Lights MOD


Sphax Lights is a simple Mod which adds new functionnal and decorative lights to Minecraft.

Thanks to it, you'll be able to bake clay blocks, carve rune in them, lights them with a torch, craft awesome lanterns and mix redstone with glowstone to get a mixstone (An illuminating redstone dust)

Wonderfull for nice looking lights indoor or outdoor... and why not involved in complex redstone systems!


Mods and Patchs

Patchs for PureBDcraft texturepack

Mods by Sphax