Map Packs for Minecraft Bedrock

Exclusive map packs on the Marketplace

Explore new lands!

Experience new mechanics and use new tools!

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PureBDcraft for Minecraft Java

HD textures in a unique comic book style

PureBDcraft completely transforms Minecraft experience and makes it look like a Comic.

Blocks, creatures, items and UI are revamped in HD, and are full of details and geeky references.

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Persona Items for Minecraft Bedrock

Exclusive persona items on the Marketplace

Customise your character with these special persona items!

Wings, helmets, and much more!

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Giveaway for Supporters

Game of the month

Every month you could win a game thanks to BDcraft!

Indie or AAA, old or recent, new adventures and awesome game play to discover!

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GrungeBDcraft for Minecraft Java

Semi-realistic dirty HD textures

GrungeBDcraft is semi-realistic, noisy and dirty.

It is very detailed and it’s recommended to use the maximum resolution your computer can handle!

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GrungeBDcraft for Minecraft Bedrock

Semi-realistic dirty HD textures

GrungeBDcraft is a variation of PureBDcraft.

Where PureBDcraft is cartoony, clean, and smooth, GrungeBDcraft is semi-realistic, noisy, and dirty.

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Mod Patches for Minecraft

Enhance your game with community creations

Mod patches made voluntarily by our community members.


What’s new?

1st Feb, 2024

GrungeBDcraft Java 1.20

GrungeBDcraft has been updated to 1.20!
Java is a Supporter exclusive, and Bedrock is pending certification from Microsoft!

1st Feb, 2024

Shady Part of Me Giveaway

For February, 2024, we are giving away Shady Part of Me to a random Supporter!

28th Jan, 2024

Hacker Tools Map

Explore the base and find all the different hacked weapons. Hack your way to victory with Hacker Tools!

28th Jan, 2024

Lava Survival Map

Are you ready for this difficult challenge? Survive in the middle of the lava and build your kingdom! Good Luck!!

18th Jan, 2024

One Block Lucky Block Map

Break the lucky blocks and reach the finish line at the end. Once there, a battle awaits you!

1st Jan, 2024

Nobody Saves the World Giveaway

For January, 2024, we are giving away Nobody Saves the World to a random Supporter!

1st Dec, 2023

XmasBDcraft Java 2023

XmasBDcraft has been updated and is a Supporter exclusive! 🎁

The bat has a hat 🦇

1st Dec, 2023

Small World - Collection Giveaway

For December, 2023, we are giving away Small World - Collection to a random Supporter!


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Cubik Studio

A great 3D modelling suite for Minecraft.

It has elements, voxels, meshes, primitives, model painting, preview and works very well with third party tools and games.



Have you tried to make some of our papercraft? Fun to build, they just require some patience and delicacy.
Drowned, Phantom, Creeper, huge swords and many blocks are available!


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PureBDcraft Customiser

Allows you to choose from alternative textures so you can easily change the look of certain blocks, items, and entities.

Real items

Golem and Evoker
Golem and Evoker
Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread Man
Elves and Child
Elves and Child
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