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PureBDcraft for Minecraft Java

HD textures in a unique comic book style

PureBDcraft completely transforms Minecraft experience and makes it look like a Comic.

Blocks, creatures, items and UI are revamped in HD, and are full of details and geeky references.

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Customiser for PureBDcraft

Customise Your Experience

Customize the appearance of blocks, items and entities by using alternative textures.

Works in any resolution and always fits your needs!

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VanillaBDcraft for Minecraft Java

HD cartoony vanilla textures

VanillaBDcraft mimics Minecraft assets whilst following the cartoonish design of PureBDcraft.

Colours, mobs, items, blocks and even GUI more closely match vanilla Minecraft!

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Better Leaves Addon for PureBDcraft

No more trapped in a cube!

Imrpoves all the leaves varieties to give the trees a realistic twist.

Welcome the free and beautiful leaves which like to go beyond the limits!

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Damaged Items Addon for PureBDcraft

Items are not strong enough

Changes the appearance of tools depending on their remaining durability.

Just play and watch as tools such as shovels, axes, swords, pickaxes, and shears get in to a bad mood!

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Flat UI Addon for PureBDcraft

Simply flat

Replaces the isometric design and 3D elements of some UIs with cleaner and flatter variations.

Perfect for those who enjoy the simple things and just want to focus on adventuring!

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OptiFine Connected Textures & Transitions Addon for PureBDcraft

Get connected

Uses OptiFine to let certain blocks connect to allow for smoother looking builds.

Some blocks are also given blended edges so visual transitions are less jarring.

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Supporter for Fans

Support us and become a VIP

Help us to maintain, improve and develop BDcraft creations, resource packs and tools.

Become a true supporter and remove all of the ads!

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ExOF Addon for PureBDcraft

Get new items and armours!

ExOF Addon for PureBDcraft implements OptiFine features to customise the visual look of several items and armours. Simply rename their related items in an anvil!

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VanillaBDcraft for Minecraft Bedrock

Original feel with crystal clear details in HD

VanillaBDcraft Keeps the original feel of Minecraft whilst following the BDcraft design!

It adds crystal clear details in HD and the overall ambiance is faithful with a unique comic style!

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XmasBDcraft for Minecraft Java

PureBDcraft wrapped up for Xmas

XmasBDcraft uses new textures to provide exclusive decorations and blocks for Christmas!

Be merry whilst creating your own cottage and decorating your Christmas tree!

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Font Addon for PureBDcraft

Simple new comic book TTF font

Replaces the ASCII font texture with a custom comic book TTF font!

Higher resolution, improved kerning and better characters offsets.

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Noteblock Addon for PureBDcraft

What Minecraft musicians need!

Modifies how the Noteblock looks; showing note range and instrument.

Super easy to use and a must-have for noteblock musicians!


What’s new?

26th Mar, 2020

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.15r5

There have been a couple more minor releases for VanillaBDcraft to fix some bugs ahead of the full MC1.16 release 🐛

23rd Feb, 2020

PureBDcraft Java 1.16r1

A Work In Progress release for the new Nether update!
Check out the new warped, crimson, and netherite stuff 😈

12th Feb, 2020

New PureBDcraft Wallpaper

A new fresh PureBDcraft wallpaper is available.

Featuring the new villagers, the bee, the polar bear and much more!

12th Feb, 2020

Font Addon Update

As requested by our community, support for Polish characters have been added to the Font Addon!

7th Feb, 2020

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.15r3

This update is a pretty minor one that fixes a few tiny visual issues with villagers, and leather armour.

7th Feb, 2020

PureBDcraft Java 1.15r2

Lots of bugfixes are in this update.

Iron Golems are textured again, beacon beams aren't black, and more!

14th Jan, 2020

Minecraft Full Crossplay

It's been one month since Minecraft got crossplay between Xbox One, Switch, PS4, and mobile!
Best of all PureBDcraft is available on all those devices! Be sure to get your copy! 🙂

10th Jan, 2020

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.15r1

VanillaBDcraft is now up-to-date with all the Buzzy Bees stuff!

Flowers, bees, honey! 🐝 🌼 🍯


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Damaged Items Addon

Changes the appearance of tools depending on their remaining durability.

Works in any resolution and adds depth to your survival experience!


Noteblock Addon

Modifies how the Noteblock 3D model looks for easier usability.

Easily see the instrument, note range, number of clicks, and the note colour.



Have you tried to make some of our papercraft? Fun to build, they just require some patience and delicacy.
Drowned, Phantom, Creeper, huge swords and many blocks are available!


OptiFine Connected Textures & Transitions Addon

Connects some blocks for smoother looking builds, as well as material transitions.


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