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Post 28 Feb 2015, 19:23


Update 1.02 Available

Get the new version on the Animaker Page: Animaker or via the Auto-updater

First update for BDcraft Animaker. :)
This version fix a bunch of bugs and adds a cool new feature to load a previously rendered animation as background. First tutorials should come soon. If you are lost with the tool, do not hesitate to post questions, on the forum, I'll be glad to help you.

Changelog 1.02

  1. Offsets are now in real pixels (not in 16x16 pixels)
  2. Fixed bug with Registration (it was asked everytime in 1.01 if not registered in 1.00)

Changelog 1.01

  1. Background: Can now load a previously rendered animation as background
  2. Background: Can now be animated with offsets X/Y
  3. Overlay - Resize: New parameters "Reverse X" and "Reverse Y"
  4. Overlay - Rotation: Frequency didn't work correctly
  5. Overlay - Pendulum: Renamed to "Oscillation"
  6. Overlay - Oscillation: Frequency didn't work correctly
  7. Overlay - Oscillation: Rotate counte-clockwise wasn't working
  8. Overlay - Flash: Renamed to "Fade"
  9. Overlay - Fade: All parameters are now visible and usable. This overlay is useful to create pulsating light (for example)
    Edit Mode - Spritesheet Renderer: An error could occur when saving the rendered spritesheet
  10. FX1/2/3: New libs available
  11. Lens: New Lens textures
  12. Edit Mode - Animation Editor: Some optimizations
  13. Removed Herobrine
  14. More things I haven't noted anywhere... :D
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