December will be BIG!

Want hints or tips about creating textures or other resources? This is the place for you.
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Post 28 Sep 2023, 01:45

Kia Ora |Hello!

Just a little note from a daring patch creator from below down under...

I have not been overly active in the forums or with patch updates over the last year or so, It's crazy how fast these years go by! I am soon to sit my finals and hopefully get my law degree. I will be quite busy for the next two or so months with studying, and, as I hope you imagine BDCraft will be (and has been) taking a back seat. It seems to be a similar situation as Llama Farmer from what I have gathered.

The good news is that all things come to an end, as will my studies! I will have a grand hiatus to update all my patches to 1.20 and 1.19 as appropriate, pump out some modpacks and fix some errors that you lovely lot have pointed out to me.

Thank you all for your patience, and feel free to let me know any issues you find on this thread with ANY mod patches/modpacks - I will add them to my master list. Finally, let me know what mod you really want to see textured and I will get to work. (Yes, I know there is a request forum, that thing is massive and god knows if some of those mods are even still continued).

Cheerio... for now!
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BIMP Finally Fixed!
Expect much higher quality downscaling textures from now on.
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Post 29 Oct 2023, 00:17

All the mods 9 woooo
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Post 14 Nov 2023, 13:36

I upvote the All the Mods 9 modpack!
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