Dropbox troubles. Possible dead links

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Post 15 Oct 2014, 21:20

Well dropbox is being a royal pain in the behind.

With phones you get free dropbox space, approx 50GB for 2 years. Which coincides with my phone upgrade thing. So I got the upgrade. However if the old space hadnt run out before you activate the new phone you dont get the extra space with it, which is rather a ripoff. Kind of annoying.

I now have more stuff on dropbox than the limit so some the links will go dead. So a lot of my patches and pictures "could" disappear.

Massive dropbox clearout. If any of my links go dead please tell me so I can find a new spot for them(I can select which things do come under my space limit and which things don't).

Also if anyone would like to take over any of my patches you're quite welcome. I'm unlikely to update them.
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